All prices quoted are subject to VAT. Hourly rate per Cleaner

DESCRIPTION With your materials With our materials
Regular Domestic / Office cleaning R50.50 P/Hr R65.75 P/Hr
Oneoff Domestic / Office cleaning R360.00 P/Hr R480 P/Hr       (N.B.) Hiring a domestic cleaner for the day
After Builders clean R75.50 P/Hr R80.50 P/Hr


DESCRIPTION Carpet Steam Clean    No Carpet (Normal)
Studio flat R400.00 R360.00
1 Bedroom R450.00 R400.00
2 Bedroom R550.00 R475.00
3 Bedroom R650.00 R600.00
4 Bedroom R800.00 R750.00
5 Bedroom R1000.00 R850.00
6 Bedrooms R1150.00 R1100.00


Description Price
Upholstery Cleaning
Two seated sofa R300.00
Three seated sofa R400.00
Armchair R200.00
Dining chair R70.00
  Leather Cleaning
Two Seated Sofa R450.00
Three Seated Sofa R550.00
Armchair R300.00
Dining Chair R150.00
Carpet, Hard Floor Rug Cleaning
Single bedroom R320.00
Double bedroom R400.00
Lounge from R400.00
Dining room R350.00
Hallway R220.00
Landing R70.00
Staircase per step R20.00
Bathroom R170.00

1. Char Services – From R500.00 – R650 Per day

Char services is hiring a domestic helper on occasion for the day depending on whether your regular help will be back at work or you don’t need someone permanently to work for you. Your regular helper may be on leave or unavailable and you just need a replacement until they report back to work.

2. Regular Domestic Cleaning Services – From R475.00 – R625.00 Per day

Regular Domestic Cleaning Services is having the same domestic helper every week, for as many days as you require. You are protected in every legal aspect (CCMA cases, labour court etc.)

3. Spring Cleaning – From R1680.00

Spring Cleaning is a top to bottom DEEP clean of your home. This is services is specialist and necessary for a complete clean.

4. End of Tenancy Cleaning From R1955.00

Pre or post Move in move out cleaning is done when moving out of your old residence or before moving into your new residence. This is a DEEP cleaning Services provided in a professional manner.

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